Rhythm Taichi (with VR support)

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Description of Rhythm Taichi With Vr Support Apk 3D Rhythm, reinventedRhythm Taichi takes a fresh new a

Description of Rhythm Taichi With Vr Support Apk

3D Rhythm, reinvented

Rhythm Taichi takes a fresh new approach to 3D rhythm games on mobile. Slide your fingers gracefully along the paths traced on the screen, following the beats of the music – it’s like practicing Taichi with your fingers!

Swipe with style, swipe with ease

Rhythm Taichi is built from the ground up for mobile devices. A carefully crafted pathing algorithm provides a comfortable yet challenging amount of finger travel for each hand. We’ve also ruthlessly optimized the game’s graphics pipeline to ensure that the game responds quickly and smoothly to your actions.

Looks good, feels good too

The new touch tracking algorithm is more precise then ever – and with the innovative ‘rainfall’ style timing effects, you get instant feedback on your synchronization performance. Finishing a song is just the beginning – compete against players around the world by perfecting your runs and submitting your scores on the leaderboard!

Thousands of supported songs

Rhythm Taichi maintains compatibility with the beat saver song format, and provides an in-game integration with the beat saver API for thousands of supported songs. If you don’t wish your songs to be indexed within the game, you can opt out with the following link: Opt out link https://www.surveylegend.com/s/1pdg

Virtual Reality Supported

Rhythm Taichi is playable in VR, if you have a second device to serve as a controller. The virtual reality experience is 100% free without ads, and is fully compatible with all songs. We recommend devices with snapdragon 835-equivalent processors or higher for the best VR experience.

Play it on the big screen

With full-feature support on PC, Mac and Android TV, you can enjoy the game on the big screen. All second-screen experiences of Rhythm Taichi is 100% free without ads, and is compatible with all songs. (A mobile device is required, and needs to be on the same Wi-Fi / local area network as the remote device for the game to work.)
Get the PC / Mac version here https://tempstudio.itch.io/rhythm-taichi

All features available for free – Remove ads for $1.99. Offer is subject to change.
Rhythm Taichi is not affiliated with Beat saver or Beat saber.
For issues with Beat Ninja please email us directly at [email protected]

Download APK(44MB)

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